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14/11/2011 (18:00 h)


Instituto Cervantes - Café Literario
Lincoln House, Lincoln Place
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Cooking ideas and dreams. Abastos 2.0


Terms like barra efímera (small bar counter), cocina sin neveras (cuisine without fridges), cociña miuda (cuisine in small portions), servicio a porta pechada (behind closed doors) or neotaberna (neotavern) are familiar to Iago Pazos and Marcos Cerqueiro, creators of Abastos 2.0. Would you like to know why their business is unique and what their gastronomy concept is based on? Learn what it is not and what it aspires to be. We invite you to hear first-hand what these Galicians have to tell you. Abastos 2.0 was born as a food stall on December 31st 2009 and, shortly afterwards, it became a profitable successful business based on the originality of a new concept. There is nothing similar to this business and it has very few precedents in the national and international gastronomy sector. This gastronomic space is located in the wholesale food market of Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain). It sources its produce from this market and it is surrounded by a lively atmosphere where the concept of cociña miuda (or cuisine in small portions) can be tasted.

A restaurant? A tavern? A bar? A meals house? Everything and nothing. Abastos 2.0 can be defined as a neotavern of the 21st century that brings together traditional Galician cuisine.


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Iago Pazos
Marcos Cerqueiro

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